About Us

Our Company

Welcome to AK Interiors. We're an award winning interior design firm, located in Lancaster, PA, founded by Alison McIndoe in 1996. Our firm provides both residential and commercial design services, from concept to completion. In the fall of 2015, we relocated our headquarters to downtown Lancaster. We also added a boutique home furnishings, accessories and gift shoppe. You can shop our carefully curated collection both in-store and online.

Alison McIndoe

Principal Owner

It’s my passion to help people to make the most out of where they live/work/play and I take that passion very seriously. I strive to create spaces that are classic and timeless and reflect my clients' personality. Growing up in small town Pennsylvania, my parent's store, McIndoe's, was an extension of our family. It must have sparked my entrepreneurial spirit, which I seemed to have carried with me throughout my entire life. My earliest design memories stem back to cherished visits from my aunt and uncle. As they labored over the swatches and floor plans with each home renovation I sat, captivated, absorbing every detail. It was then that my passion for design began and I have been cultivating it ever since!

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, I worked numerous jobs in the design and building industry before venturing out on my own. I launched A.K. Interiors in 1996, and expanded in 2015 to include a boutique home furnishings and gift shoppe.

Breanna Ebersole

Interior Designer

For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with designing the "perfect space". Growing up in a small house with a large family, there was a constant struggle for space and I was always trying to rearrange my room, much to my sister's dismay! I have a BS in Interior Design and, while I may not have found my own perfect space yet, I love assisting others in creating theirs. AK Interiors has given me a great opportunity to work on so many different unique projects and expand my own design knowledge!

Kori Davis

Office Coordinator

Throughout high school and college I worked in the food industry and, after earning my Associate of Science Degree in Math, I decided to shift focus into more intellectually challenging fields. I first went into banking and then into water and wastewater operations compliance before landing here at AK Interiors. Our team here is absolutely my favorite aspect of this job along with the opportunity to learn so much about the industry and the importance of interior design as a whole. I also thoroughly enjoy my work behind the scenes to allow Alison and the design team to pour their time into designing all of the beautiful spaces for our clients. While I didn't anticipate landing in this field as my career, I have always been an avid HGTV watcher and am so happy that I get to experience it in my daily life, just without the drama!

Fern & Posie

Barkitectural Advisor & Canine Color Consultant

*Fern Left, Posie Right